The disruptive technological advancement in the security industry is now almost worthy of sci-fi movies. Each day brings about disruptive innovations and inventions that change the existing model, introducing a new one.

Currently, robotics have taken over the state of the art security operations and just as it is with every technological invention, several efforts are being put into seeing a better version. But will artificial intelligence be able to wipe out human intelligence in the security industry? Will robots replace security guards?

AI Uses HI: Beginning with the basics, Artificial Intelligence is the ability of robots to think and perform tasks done by humans using human intelligence. Humans have the cognitive ability to solve complex problems creating complex structures and objectives. Robots do not, neither can they make judgment calls except they have been programmed. This is a great pointer to the fact that the human factor in security is forever of high significance.  

Speed and Adaptation: a robot’s maximum speed is estimated to be under 1 meter per second in motion. While humans will easily adapt to changing work orders and routines, robots will need a pause. This pause could be the difference between saving or losing the person or property being guarded.

Defense:  Robots are never known to have the skill of a swift human fighter. It takes human intelligence to defend human intelligence. I.e it takes human to defend human in an encounter. 

Functionality: The performance of robots is limited because they cannot perform tasks and functions on their own except they have been programmed. While the human security guard can freely perform tasks even without being told, but robots need the input of humans. 

Cost: Aside from the fact that building a robot up to a functional stage is expensive, the cost of maintenance is also very high. When these costs are compared to the cost of hiring a human guard, every reasonable business enterprise will go for a human guard. 

Yes, robotics will disrupt the private security industry especially through the creation of a shift in human experience, but robots will not replace security guards. At least, not any time soon.