Will Employers Hire Security Guards Without a Guard Card?

If you want to work as a security guard in California, you will need to get your guard card. Undergoing the required training and completing a background check is essential to working within the security industry. Without a guard, getting hired be a good employer will be all-but-impossible. Why Employers Don’t Hire Security Guards Without a Guard Card In California, the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services issues licenses to guards who have met training requirements and fulfilled other criteria for becoming guards. If you are at least 18 and can pass the criminal background check, you may be eligible for a guard card. You will need to complete a total of 40 hours of training, including eight initial hours of mandatory courses; another 16 hours of mandatory courses within 30 days; and another 16 hours of mandatory courses within six months. When you provide proof of training and complete your online application, BSIS can license you to become a security guard. Employers will generally not hire anyone to work in security unless they are licensed by BSIS. Employers do not want to hire unlicensed security guards without their guard card because unlicensed guards may not be qualified and because an employer could face substantial legal liability due to problems with unlicensed security guards. To find out more about getting a guard card so you can pursue employment within the security industry, you should visit My Security Training.com. Not only can you get all of the information you need about mandatory training but you can also sign up to take the courses online that you need to get your guard card.

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