Why You Should Enroll for Security Guard Training

A lifetime of watching action movies and consistently spending 30 minutes at the gym for 6 months does not automatically qualify you as a security guard. Certain requirements must be met, like completing mandatory hours of training and obtaining a security guard card. These requirements cannot be waived even if you’ve got an athletic build or were formerly in the Army or Police. Below are the reasons why you should enroll for security guard training.

Mandatory Requirement to Be Issued a Security Guard License

The first point of call on the journey to becoming a security guard is obtaining the security guard license from the appropriate regulatory body in your State. To obtain the security guard license, prospects must complete the mandatory number of hours of security guard training.

Get Equipped to Handle Variety of Situations

In their duty of keeping life and property safe, security guards encounter diverse situations ranging from unrest, violence, attacks, and even health crises. Enrolling for a security guard training affords them the opportunity to receive enlightenment on how to respond when in such situations through courses like first aid, communications, and emotional intelligence. Imagine a situation where someone is about to commit suicide, knowing how to fire arms, is probably ineffective in such a scenario. But communication skills could be the difference between life and death.

Stay Updated

Life is dynamic and when changes happen, they have a ripple effect on life and properties. A millennia ago, security guards probably used stones and swords. A decade ago it was probably some guns and blurry cameras. Today, security guards now have to grapple with drones and satellite-related security issues. Only through enrolling for a security guard training could a modern security guard stay updated with all the dynamics.

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