Why You Should Consider Getting Hired as a Security Guard

We are each called to walk our own path. If you have been contemplating taking up a job as a security guard, we bring you the top reasons why you should really consider getting hired as a security guard.

  1. Fulfilling and Rewarding: There’s a feeling of fulfilment and reward that comes from keeping another’s life and property safe. There have been stories of people narrating how just seeing the presence of a security guard dispelled their fears and worries, making them feel protected. 
  2. Evergreen Vacancies: There will always be a need to protect lives and properties. This means that the employability of security guards would only increase. In addition, with a couple of refresher courses and training as we have on My Security Training, you can prepare yourself to become employable as a security guard across countless industries.
  3. Perfect Part-time Job: For those looking for a part-time job, working as a security guard is perfect. This is for several reasons, top most of which is the flexible schedule possibilities. So, are you juggling between a degree and family, and still need a flexible way to get some income? You should consider getting hired as a security guard. 
  4. Enhances Survival and Observation Skills: One of the mandatory training to become a security guard involves developing observation skills. This is essential to help spot troubles and nip them in the bud. Also, a good security guard would need to know how to improvise when handling novel situations. Moreover, security guards are also trained on how to respond in emergency situations like medical, fire or accidents. All of these are skills that remain with the security guard for life, even long after they are no longer in that line of work.
  5. Different Work Positions: In a previous post, we discussed the different types of security guards. We have those who work in businesses or residential areas. And there are those who patrol or stay in a spot. There are even those who simply sit at a desk and monitor monitors. Whichever is your preference, you can get it when you get hired as a security guard.

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