A personal guard is not for the high and mighty alone. As a matter of fact, it is not a service for only the rich. A personal bodyguard can come at an advantage for different reasons and occasions which can be for a short period or a long period of time. 

Assistance: An unpopular knowledge is a fact that personal guards are classified under Executive Assistant Personnel. Guards are trained to handle classified and top-secret documents and matters. A personal guard will not only protect you, he/she will also assist you in running confidential and important errands. 

Angry or Obsessed Ex-spouse: Dealing with an obsessed ex-spouse is not something anyone has under total control. The service of a personal guard is needed not to only protect you from them but also to send them far away from you. 

A Witness: Although state laws provide for the protection of witnesses until a trial is over, a personal guard is also an added layer of security for your life if you are a witness to a great crime. 

Travel With Cash And Valuables: If your line of business or service requests you traveling around with cash and valuables, you are prone to lots of human perpetrated crime and havoc. A personal guard is trained to see and hear everything. He/she is a great protection to you from an attack of any form.  

Threat: Are you being trolled on social media or you have been receiving threat mails, emails, and messages? A police report is not enough, the service of a bodyguard compliments it perfectly. 

Natural Off-zone for Crime: The presence of a personal guard in a place, either for a long or short while, naturally maintains the place as a safe zone. Little and petty crimes like pickpocketing, shoplifting, valuables hijacking and fighting are out of the way. Perpetrators will naturally keep off. 

That you need a personal guard is not debatable. Inasmuch as you have found yourself as an asset.