Why Security Guards with a Guard Card Have More Skills

Security guards in California must have guard cards to be licensed. If you are thinking of becoming a security guard, you should be excited about undertaking the training necessary to get your guard card. This training will make you a much better security guard because you will learn important skills. If you are hiring security guards, you should also make sure they have a guard card. Not only is this required by law, but security guards who have gone through the mandated training process will have much more knowledge about being effective at guarding your premises or person. Why Security Guards With Guard Cards are More Skilled Security guards with a guard card have a lot of skills because they have undergone a required 40 hours of training to become licensed security guards. The training courses that are necessary to earn a guard card cover some of the most essential things that a security guard needs to know. For example, training courses for security guards teach:
  • Powers of arrest: The training course on powers of arrest covers when a security guard can arrest someone, and what the implications of detaining someone are.
  • How to deal with terrorism: Training courses on terrorism provide security guards with insight into recognizing signs of problems and securing a scene after an attack.
  • Effective communication skills and public relations skills: Training teaches guards how to de-escalate situations and deal with the public.
These are just a few of the many different skills that security guards learn. There are both mandatory and elective training courses during the security guard training process, so there are a wide variety of skills that can be imparted during guard card training. Visit My Security Training today to find out about different course offerings and learn about the skills that security guards learn.

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