Why Observation Skills are Essential to Success as a Security Guard

When you become a security guard, you need to do an initial eight hour guard card course. You will then need to complete 32 hour guard card training. You will take different courses and learn different skills as you undergo the training required to register with the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.  One of the most important skills that a security guard can have is good observation skills. Why Observation Skills are Essential for Security Professionals  There are lots of reasons why you need to have good observation skills to be a success as a security guard. For example:
  • Good observation skills help you to identify threats: Shoplifters and those who want to do harm try to operate under the radar. You can spot them quickly if you have good observation skills.
  • Good observation skills allow you to react appropriately in an emergency: If a natural disaster, a health emergency, or a threat arises, you need to be able to quickly assess the situation and decide on an appropriate course of action. If you are familiar with everything going on around you and have noticed all the small details, you can be more effective at taking prompt action.
  • Good observation skills make you a more effective protector. If you are protecting people and property and there is a threat, you’ll often need to work with police. The more you can tell law enforcement about what you saw, the more likely it is police will be able to identify suspects and resolve your concerns.
If you are ready to learn the essential skills and get the advanced knowledge necessary to become a qualified, professional security guard in California, start your 32 hour guard card training today.

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