Why is Security Guard Training Important?

In California, security guard training is required before anyone can become licensed to work as a security guard. There is an initial eight hour course required, another 16-hours of training required within 30 days, and another 16-hours of coursework required within 60 days. This means you’ll have undergone 40 hours of training within the first 60 days of becoming a security guard. Why is Security Guard Training Important? California has extensive requirements when it comes to security guard training because security guards have important responsibilities. Training is essential since:
  • Security guards work with the public. Security professionals often have routine interactions with the public. Whether you’re a school security guard, in private security, work retail security or work in any other security profession, you need to know best practices for public interaction.
  • Security guards have to become involved in risky situations. Security guards frequently have to intervene when problems arise or have to deal with problem situations. Training ensures you can keep your cool and de-escalate a situation, potentially preventing a violent or dangerous outcome.
  • Security guards need to know the law. If you work within the field of security, you must know what you are- and are not- legally allowed to do. You don’t want to abridge anyone’s rights.
  • Security guards could carry firearms. While you need additional training beyond just getting your basic guard card, many people in security do carry guns. They need the right training on how to do so safely.
These are just a few of many key reasons why security guard training is so important. If you are thinking about becoming a guard, find out what training programs you will need to complete.

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