Why Get More Training After You Get a Guard Card

To get a guard card, you have to complete eight hours of initial training on Weapons of Mass Destruction and Powers of arrest. You have 30 days to take another 16 hours of mandatory training courses, and then six months to complete an additional 16 hours of elective courses. This is a total of 40 hours of training needed to become a licensed security guard in California. While doing all of this training may seem daunting enough, you don’t necessarily want to give up on continuing your education once you have completed your initial 40 hours. You may want to get more training even after you get a guard card. Why Get More Training After You Get a Guard Card When you complete your guard card training and become a licensed California security guard, you can work for a security firm or lots of different companies. However, you aren’t necessarily able to take every job in security. You cannot run your own security firm unless you have additional training, and you cannot work as a Proprietary Private Security Officer (PSO) who provides exclusive services to one employer while wearing a security guards uniform and/or interacting regularly with the public. You also cannot carry a weapon. If you want to work on your own, work as a PSO, or use a weapon, you will need to undergo additional training. Getting this additional training can open up more doors for you as far as job opportunities and can make it possible for you to earn more money. Taking additional classes to open up new doors professionally is a smart choice. My Security Training offers guard card training as well as elective courses to advance your career in the security industry. Visit My Security Training.com to find out about the courses we offer and the ways we can help you to advance your career.

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