Who is Eligible to Get a Guard Card Online?

You can obtain a guard card online if you undergo required training courses. You must obtain a guard card if you want to work as a security guard within the state of California. In addition to training,  you also have to be able to meet certain other essential criteria. Eligibility to Get a Guard Card Online Getting a guard card online requires that you complete several different courses. There is an initial eight hour training requirement which you must successfully complete to get the process of becoming a licensed security guard started. You have to take a course on Power to Arrest, which lasts for four hours, and another four-hour course on Weapons of Mass Destruction. Once your eight hour training is done, you have to do another 16 hours of training within 30 days and an additional 16 hours of training on top of that within six months. In addition to the training, you also have to be at least 18 years old to become a licensed security guard, and have to get fingerprinted and undergo a background check. Bureau of Security and Investigative Services has online applications you can complete if you meet the criteria and BSIS Also provides information on where you should go to get a live scan so you can make sure you will not be disqualified from getting a guard card or working as a licensed security guard due to a criminal past. If you believe you are eligible to become a security guard and you want to get a guard card online, reach out to My Security Training today to get started with the process of completing your initial eight hours of mandated training. The sooner you get your training done, the faster you can officially get your guard card and begin working as a licensed security guard.

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