Where to Find Online Training for Security Guards

To be eligible to get a job as a security guard, certain criteria need to be met. This varies across States in the United States. However, common threads include being at least 18 years of age, passing background checks, and completing basic mandatory training. This training could be online or onsite. Previously, we have covered the different types of training for security guards. Online training can help save costs and time for both the security guard and the company. Now, let’s find out where to find online training for security guards.

Government Agencies

Relevant certifying government agencies sometimes offer some intro-level online training for those looking to become licensed security guards. However, these are usually mass-produced, on a fixed date, and not customized for certain industries or even security purposes. Also, the available number of hours might be insufficient to bag the required number of hours needed to get licensed.

My Security Training

Topmost online security guard training, My Security Training offers over 25 courses for both new security guards and old ones looking to ensure they remain in the game. My Security Training courses are approved by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. And since they are all online training, you can run your courses at your convenience.

Some available courses include:

  1. 8 Hour Guard Card Course.
  2. 32 Hour Security Officer Training Package.
  3. 8 Hour Security Guard Refresher.
  4. Active Shooter: Preparedness & Response Training.
  5. Private Patrol Operators Prep.
  6. Communication and Its Significance.

Still in search of a professional platform for your online security guard training for yourself or your company’s security guards? Your search ends right now! Head over to My Security Training.

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