When to Schedule Your Guard Card Refresher

Taking a guard card refresher course is essential each year so you can maintain your status as a licensed security guard within the state of California. It is important to ensure that you complete this course in plenty of time and that you obey all BSIS requirements when selecting your refresher course. To avoid potential problems with not getting your guard card refresher training done on time, it is a good idea to be smart about scheduling your training. You should:
  • Schedule your guard card refresher well before the end of the year.  You have to complete 8 hours of training annually, and you don’t want to miss the deadline and face problems with your certification. Schedule your training long before the time when it is due so if you run into problems or delays, you have plenty of time to correct the issue and comply with BSIS rules.
  • Schedule your courses with time to complete the required training. You don’t want to make plans to complete your coursework at a time when you are too busy to attend the classes, study, and absorb the information. Make sure you have some uninterrupted time to devote to learning before you pick a time to do your training.
  • Schedule your guard card refresher around the same time every year. While you don’t have to do this, it makes it easier for you to remember and it simplifies your scheduling process. As long as you take your course annually, you are in compliance with BSIS requirements, so you may as well set up a routine scheduled for yourself.
The good news is, you can take your guard card refresher courses online so you do not have to attend a local class. Being able to use the Internet to complete you training and coursework makes it a lot easier to fit the refresher courses into your busy schedule. Find out more today and get your course scheduled so you don’t put your ability to work as a security guard at risk.

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