What Your Company Should Do After Hiring a Security Guard

When your company has hired a professional security guard, your new employee should be ready to hit the ground running thanks to his or her extensive security guard training. Guards take required courses to learn many of the skills that they need to be successful at providing protection and keeping the peace. While the security professional you hire should be well-trained (as long as you hire only licensed guards), this does not mean that your company has no responsibility for ensuring his success in the position. What to Do After Hiring a Security Guard When your company has hired a security guard, you want to make sure that the new employee knows exactly what is expected of him within the business environment. Every company has different protocols that they want followed. For example:
  • Do you want the guard to stay at his or her desk, or regularly patrol a specific area?
  • Do you want the guard to make regular reports and what should those reports include?
  • What duties will the guard need to do for your company on a daily basis in order to fulfill his or her obligations?
Security guard training can prepare guards to follow California law, exercise excellent powers of observation, and make detailed incident reports when problems arise- among many other skills. It is up to your company to define how you want those skills to be utilized so the security guard who you hired is able to accomplish all of the tasks your company needs. Provide the right information from day one to set the security guard up for success with your business.

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