Should you Hire Uniformed vs Plainclothes Security Officers?

Around the world, there have always been discrepancies about the variants of most effective security officers; the uniformed or plainclothed ones. Security officers in plainclothes tend to be most effective as they can sniff out security threats easily without attracting attention. On the other hand, security officers in uniforms act as a deterrent to people from committing crimes. Now, let’s consider the pros and cons to help you in deciding which one you should hire.

Uniformed are for Customer Service while Plainclothes blend in easily

Security officers in uniforms tend to stand out.. Therefore, prospective clients or customers see them as a source of information about the services rendered by such an organization. Similarly, due to their training, uniformed officers could be lifesavers in emergencies. On the flip side, plainclothed officers tend to be instrumental in stopping violent crimes from taking place. Also, they could be instrumental in stopping shoplifters among others from perpetrating their activities.

Plainclothes help in closely monitoring employees while unformed are good for crowd control

Uniformed officers are instrumental in controlling the crowd. They also perform the function of directing people to the right destinations. On the other hand, plainclothed security officers function well in monitoring employees’ activities within an organization. By this, they can easily sniff out any employee that is engaging in nefarious activities.

Uniformed acts as a visible deterrence, Plainclothes are instrumental in solving crimes

Uniformed security officers mostly act as a deterrence to prevent crimes from taking place. In contrast, most plain security officers come in when it comes to solving crimes that have been perpetrated. When one sees a uniformed security officer at the entrance of an organization’s premises, one is inclined to shelve any criminal intent. In the case of a plain security officer, they tend to work behind the scenes to solve crimes.


Hiring uniformed or plainclothed security officers is beneficial, depending on the services you need them to render. Some organizations hire both of them because they need their peculiar skills to perform particular functions. Whichever one you subscribe to, ensure that they perform their functions appropriately.