What to do when a Security Officer Causes Personal Injury

Whether at homes or offices, the primary function of a security officer is to ensure the premises’ overall safety. Although many security officers perform their duties excellently, mistakes, or contraventions are bound to occur. Causing personal injury to a customer or anyone while on duty is one mistake or contravention a security officer could make. For instance, a security officer working at a bar in the process of ensuring that the wrong people do not gain entrance into a club could cause severe bodily injury to existing and prospective customers. Ultimately this could be bad for business as such incidents would attract negative publicity. When a security officer causes personal Injury, what can you do?

Let’s find out. 

Report the Security Officer

Rather than head straight to court once you suffer personal Injury from a security officer, reporting the misdeed to the establishment should be the first step. Most organizations do not want to attract negativity by being in the glare of courtrooms. By this, once you report the misdemeanor to the organization, they are likely to deal with the issue internally, cater for your hospital bills, and give compensation for the injury suffered.

File a Personal Injury suit against the Security Officer

When filing a personal injury suit against the security officer, you can either sue the security officer as an individual or the organization they work for, depending on the local law of that state. Whichever one you subscribe to, the major intent is to sue for damages, which will be granted by the court based on the evidence before it.


Inflicting personal injury against someone is wrong no matter the office you occupy. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid it if you want to avoid lawsuits amongst other consequences that accrue to such an offense.