What Security Guards Need to Know About COVID-19

The year 2020 began with no one envisioning that in a couple of months into the year, the world would stand still, literally. As activities gradually reopen globally, security guards play a critical frontier role in the collective effort to curb the pandemic. We are highlighting in this piece what security guards need to know about COVID-19. This will help with identifying and isolating infected persons, while also protecting themselves and others.

The three main things security guards need to know about COVID-19 include recognition, protection, and response. 


This means that security guards must know how to recognize COVID-19 symptoms for quick isolation of suspected carriers. Some ‘visible’ symptoms include running nose, dry and wet cough,  heavy breathing, and fever. Usually, a security guard will check for temperatures above 37 degrees.


All security guards on duty are expected to be fully kitted in CDC approved Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). They should also follow personal hygiene protocols like frequent hand washing with running soap and water and sanitizing. Because it is a disease that spreads through contact, security guards should ensure they and the people they are watching over maintain appropriate social distancing.


What should a security guard do in the case of exposure or suspected exposure? The first action is to thoroughly clean and disinfect all gears, clothes, and PPE. Where PPE is to be disposed of, standard procedures must be followed. Depending on the response protocol followed, the security guard may need to make a report to a government agency or a health organization.

Combating this virus is a collective effort. Where in doubt, always ask the appropriate authority for clarifications. With the above key information, security guards are able to keep their mandate of protecting life and property.

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