What Kinds of Jobs Can Security Guards Get?

If you have a guard card and have completed other required security guard training, there are ample opportunities for you if you are interested in working in the field of security. Job growth within the security field is expected to exceed growth in other professions, and job opportunities exist within many different industries. Those who want exciting work can find great jobs as security guards in lots of different places.

What Kinds of Jobs are Available With a Guard Card?

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industries employing the highest number of security guards include:
  • Investigation and security services
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Traveler accommodations
  • Local governments
Security guards can also work in lots of other settings as well, from guards who keep the peace at rock concerts to those who offer security service in retail stores. To be eligible for certain jobs within the field of security, you need to have special training. Not only are security guards required by law in California to complete an initial eight hours of training to obtain a guard card, but specialized training for people like school security guards is also mandated. Continuing education is needed as well, so you can stay sharp. For those who want to take their careers to the next level and operate their own security business, there is additional training mandated for private patrol operators.  Focused training courses can open up new opportunities within different industries or can make it possible for you to become your own boss. Because so many different industries need security guards, you can have a varied career and works in many different environments if you choose to do so when you enter this profession. The right training can open the doors for you in almost any industry where security is essential.

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