What is the Job Outlook for Security Guards?

Qualified security guards with a guard card who have undergone required training should have ample opportunities for jobs within the state of California. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates California is one of the states with the highest employment levels for security guards. There are more than 151,130 security guard jobs within the state, and 9.7 out of every 1,000 jobs is in the security field. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports on expected job growth within the security industry. Between 2014 and 2024, it is expected that demand for qualified security guards will increase five percent. This is on par with average job growth across all industries, which means newly trained guards should be able to find open positions. Job Outlook for Trained Security Guards  Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports the median pay for security guards is $24,470 per year, although the pay and benefits can vary significantly depending upon experience level, security guard training, and the industry or field in which a qualified guard seeks employment. To become qualified to work as a security guard and to take advantage of the opportunity to work in a rewarding field with job growth potential, you should get your required security guard training. The first step is to complete an eight hour course online to obtain your guard card. This card is required in order to register within the state of California Within six months of obtaining the guard card you will also need to undergo an additional 32 hours of training,  with 16 of those training hours completed within the first 30 days. Security guard training can be done online, making the process of becoming credentialed easy. Check out the course offerings for security guard training today to get started.

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