What is a Proprietary Private Security Officer

If you are classified as a proprietary private security officer (PSO), you will need to undergo PSO training and will need to become registered with the state of California.  PSO training can be provided online and an application for PSO registration may be filed online or via mail. What is a PSO & What PSO Training is Required?  A PSO is a security professional who meets certain criteria. You will be considered a proprietary private security officer if:
  • You are exclusively employed by a single employer, rather than working for multiple employers.
  • The primary job you do for your employer is to provide security services.
  • Your services are not contracted out to any other person or contracted out to any other entity.
  • You are required to wear a uniform which is distinctive and which clearly identifies you as a security officer and you are likely to regularly interact with the public as you perform your job functions.
If you are hired as a proprietary private security officer, you will be required to undergo 16 hours of PSO training within six months of the time when you begin working within this role in the security industry or within the time of becoming registered as a proprietary private security officer. Your training will include a course on weapons of mass destruction and terrorism awareness, as well as a course on powers to arrest. These two courses each account for two hours of your total 16 hours of required PSO training. The additional 12 hours will involve courses on other security related issues. Work as a private security officer is steady work and you can do an important job for your particular employer.  When you are ready to work as a private security officer, find out about your options for online PSO training.

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