What Industries Hire Security Guards?

If you complete private security officer training, you have a great deal of different options for job opportunities. Security is needed in a wide variety of different industries and you can take advantage of the vast job market to find work in a position that most interests you. With private security officer training, you can also work for individuals or single employers who you provide security for. What Industries Hire Security Guards?  Security guards have a versatile array of duties, from keeping the peace to crowd control to providing first aid and preventing shoplifting, trespassing, and other crimes. Because companies, organizations, and individuals in both the private and public sectors need these services, you can have your pick of security jobs across different industries. For example, security guards can:
  • Work as private security for celebrities and wealthy people who want protection.
  • Work for companies, preventing unauthorized access and protecting trade secrets.
  • Work for malls or retail stores to handle crowd control, prevent shoplifting, and deter trouble.
  • Work for party planners, organizers of events, party venues, and concert halls.
  • Work for private and public schools, including colleges and universities.
This is just a small sampling of different industries where it is possible for security guards to find work, especially if you have completed private security officer training. Whether you are considering starting a new job in security or you already have your credentials but just want to move to a different position, you should be able to find your dream job in an industry that you are interested in working in.

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