What if You Don't Renew Your California Guard Card?

When you earn your California guard card and you become a state-licensed security guard, there is an expiration date for your license. You cannot just continue to be a security guard forever without renewing the license. If you fail to renew, there are serious consequences that could end your career. What if You Don’t Renew Your California Guard Card? When you take the required courses to get your California guard card and submit your application to BSIS, you’ll get a card showing that you are licensed as a guard within the state of California. The card that you receive is going to have an expiration date on it, which is two years from the time that you are given the card. At the end of two years, if you do not renew your card, you will no longer be a licensed security guard within the state of California. You should renew prior to the expiration date on your card if you wish to keep your license valid. If you have waited and the expiration date has arrived, there is a 60-day grace period in which you can still renew. Although you will have to pay a financial penalty to renew during the grace period, you at least keep your license to be a security guard. If you wait and don’t renew during the 60 day grace period after your card has expired, you are no longer going to have the option to renew. You must not continue to work as a security guard, or you could be in violation of the law. If you want to become a security guard again, you are going to have to start over on the entire process of earning your California guard card.

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