What Does Security Guard Training Involve?

Before anyone can become a licensed security guard, at least 32 mandatory hours of training are required. Prospective security guards can take this training at physical locations or opt for the more convenient and affordable option of doing their training online. Whichever option one goes for, it is essential to know upfront what a security guard training involves, in order to be better prepared and make the most of the training.

Long Hours of Commitment

The shortest number of hours as part of the mandatory hours of training required is eight (8) hours. This means that long hours of commitment is involved in security guard training. Those who take their training onsite, have to bend their schedule to fit in the training. However, those who take their training online at My Security Training can fit the training into their schedule at convenient times. Such luxury is not available at physical locations.

Training Costs

Security guard training comes at a cost because they are organized and delivered by licensed training organizations like My Security Training. Training onsite at a physical location, generally cost more than training taken online. The reasons for this are obvious. Onsite physical training requires renting of training halls and other administrative expenses, which will need to be covered for in the training price.

Not Just Arms

The primary duty of a security guard is to keep life and property safe from harm or damage. Most people assume all a security guard is taught during training is how to fire guns or disarm weapons. Security guard training actually involves much more than that. Communications, first aid, and other non-combat or unarmed-training are also given to security guards. Also, in today’s digital era, security guards are also trained on the use of the latest electronic gadgets like CCTV, drones, etc. that can aid them when delivering their duties.

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