What Do You Learn if You Get Your Guard Card Online?

When you get your guard card online, you must complete certain required training courses. These courses are necessary to help ensure you understand California laws applicable to security guards. You have a very important responsibility when you work in the security interest, and the knowledge you acquire through your training will equip you to do this important job well. What Do You Learn When You Get Your Guard Card Online? To get a guard card online, there are certain required training processes you must complete. Initially, you have to take a four hour course on Power to Arrest. The course curriculum is based on the California Department of Consumer Affairs Power to arrest Training Manual. The manual explains, in detail, the circumstances under which a security guard could potentially detain someone as well as the rules for guards who exercise the power to arrest. Another four hour course is also required to begin the process of becoming a licensed security guard. This course on Weapons of Mass Destruction is based on curriculum designed by the California State Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. The four hour course will provide you with essential information on pre-incident indicators which could suggest a terrorist threat. It will also provide you with insight into how to control a scene following a terrorist attack. You will go on to complete additional training, with another 32 hours required within six months, in order to work as a fully licensed security guard in California.  The information you learn in these training courses will equip you to protect your employer and the public as a whole. Find out more about the course curriculum for guard card online training at My Security Training.com.

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