What Do Security Guards Need to Know About First Aid?

If you’re undergoing school security guard training to become a school security guard, there are lots of courses you need to take to develop the right skills. One course which you may wish to complete which can help you to get hired and which can make you more effective in a school setting is a course on first aid. First aid training can be important for school security guards because schools generally want someone who knows how to respond to save lives, not just how to respond to prevent a security issue. Children get hurt, even in the best of situations, and knowing how to provide basic first aid assistance can make all the difference in keeping young people safe. Some of the key things you’ll need to know about first aid if you want to be as effective as possible in protecting kids as a school security guard include:
  • How to respond to burns: Whether it is an injury in the science lab or a student playing with matches, burns could cause serious harm. You should be prepared to respond.
  • How to respond to cuts: Kids can get cut from a playground mishap or when mis-using scissors. Know how to help if this happens during the school day.
  • How to respond to head, neck, and back injuries: Young children at school could suffer head, neck, and back injuries when playing sports, playing on the playground, or simply slipping as they run down the hall.
  • How to respond to pediatric injuries. There are pediatric options available for first aid training so you can specifically ensure that you learn how to respond to the injuries that school children could face on a daily basis.
Being a guard in a school is one of the most important jobs that you can do. Make first aid training a part of your school security guard training so you can help keep young people safe and sound.

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