What Do Remote Security Officers Do?

A remote security officer is what you get when you combine security technology and physical security personnel. So, what do remote security officers do?

Monitor Feeds From Video Surveillance

This is actually the primary duty of remote security officers. They monitor the live video feeds from the CCTV already set up. They might be in a room on the premises or even thousands of miles away. 

Alert When Necessary

Where a security situation arises while monitoring the feeds, remote security officers will swing into action and manage the incident based on their Emergency Response protocol. In most cases, remote security officers work in collaboration with onsite security officers, aiding them with security intelligence. In case a perpetrator appears, remote security officers can alert their onsite colleagues.

Virtual Security Escort

Scared of walking alone to the dark parking lot? A remote security officer can be your virtual security escort. They will monitor your movement and alert in case of any danger ahead or behind.

Deter Crimes

Imagine the feeling of suddenly hearing someone ‘talk down’ to you from ‘above’. That’s how it feels when a remote security officer interacts with someone through the speakers in CCTV cameras. This is a feature found in advanced security technology. A perpetrator trying to break-in for instance, even though they might be aware there’s a camera (wearing a mask), could have a rethink if someone suddenly speaks asking “what are you doing?” If nothing else, they could get disoriented momentarily and buy the response squad more time.

Virtual Doorman

You’ve probably watched it in some movies before. Someone visits their rich friend. They stand at this gigantic black gate, and after a while, the gate opens of its own accord. Well, this only happens because a virtual Doorman has confirmed their identity and then authorizes their entry. This is something remote security officers do.