What Do Private Security Contractors Do?

Fundamentally, governments owe citizens the right to protection. But there are times when the government is unable to meet these obligations. Especially in times of war, riots, civil unrest, or tense military situations. In such times, citizens have to provide their own security for themselves and their businesses. This is where private security contractors come in. Now, let’s proceed to discuss what do private security contractors do?

First, let’s talk about what they DO NOT do and what they ARE NOT. They do not fight in wars or take sides. They are not mercenaries or assassins. 

Essentially, they are ‘guns for hire’, with the obligation to protect businesses contracted by the government to provide services or products in an area experiencing war, riots, or civil unrest. In simple terms, if the United States government wishes to build a school in Afghanistan, the company with the contract will need to hire private security contractors to protect their staff and assets.

Most private security contractors are ex-military personal. They also go through more than basic training. They sometimes play a role in maintaining law and order and even peacekeeping. It’s safe to say their status is higher than those of retail security.

One may wonder why the use of private security contractors when the government military is also available? Well, several reasons abound for this. Deploying private security contractors do not require the time consuming and complicated process of getting authorization from Congress. In addition, most private security contractors already have experience and a working relationship with the ruling powers in the sensitive area. Lastly, they are just the easier option.