What are the Qualities of a Good Security Guard?

A security guard is a person trained in providing specialized protective services for businesses, offices, and residences; especially those of politically exposed or high net worth individuals. Increases in crime, violence, and lawlessness, are just a few of the reasons why we need security guards. There are private and public security guards. The distinction is in how they are employed and organized. Now, let’s delve into the qualities of a good security guard.

Vigilant: A security guard must be alert at all times, as anything short of this may be detrimental to the life and property he is tasked with protecting. He must be alive to his environment.

Physically Fit: This is essential as it will give a sense of safety to others. A weak-looking person will do the opposite. Also, trespassers or thieves will have a second thought about a break-in if they see a physically fit guard manning the property.

Martial Arts Skill:  A good knowledge of martial arts could come in handy when the use of force is needed in case of a security breach.

Tech Savvy: A good guard, must in this digital age, be tech-savvy. He must know what the latest applications are available in his line of duty and how to use them. This will ensure efficiency in the discharge of his responsibilities.

Have A Sixth Sense: A person’s power of intuition can be a valuable asset especially when one is alive to it. A good hunch about things that are not so obvious can be all that is needed to avert an ugly scenario.  

Punctuality: A person who will make a good security guard should be someone who values their time and the need to be punctual at work. Time matters in securing a property. This is because a minute can make all the difference in the way a break-in, a trespass, or any other emergency is handled.