Types of Training Provided to Security Guards

Key functions of security guards include keeping lives and properties safe. It could be difficult to achieve this essential duty without adequate security guards training. Securing lives and properties involve not just knowing how to fire arms, sometimes, soft skills like people management or first aid could be the difference between life and death. In most States in the United States, a specified number of hours of training is mandatory before a security guard can be licensed to take up jobs. Let’s check out the types of security guards training available for professionals serious about their security job.

  1. Internal Training: This is training usually offered to new hires to bring them up to speed with the procedures and requirements for their assigned post. This type of training does not have to be onsite and can be delivered and taken online.
  2. Soft Skills Training: As earlier mentioned, there are times when a security guard’s soft skills could be the deciding factor on whether a life is lost or saved. For example, people management skills will be needed if faced with a suicide scenario. Also, knowledge of virus control measures is essential in a pandemic era. Soft skills security guards training can be delivered and taken online.
  3. Armed Training: This is a mandatory basic training. Security guards are trained on the use and features of different weapons and ammunition, so they can use it for both offensive and defensive. Or better still understand their opponent’s weapons. This type of training can be delivered both online and onsite.
  4. Unarmed Training: Security guards need to be trained in fighting skills in physical combat. This type of training can also be delivered both online and onsite, depending on preference.

Most of the types of security guards training listed above can be delivered online. Yet to meet your required number of hours of training for your security guard license? Now is a good time to check out some of our online security guards training courses.

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