Types of Security Guards and What They Do

Wherever you find a security guard, their core duty is the protection of life and property. However, there are different types of security guards, and knowing this is crucial in hiring the best service or venturing into your chosen career path.

Residential Security Guard

This is a security guard stationed in a residential area to keep the house and landed properties safe. Such a residential area could include assisted living communities, University dorms, estates, apartments, fenced housing, gated communities, etc. Residential security guards keep the area safe from theft, burglary, and other harms that may come to the lives and properties within the premises. 

Commercial Security Guard 

When people leave their residential areas to their business areas, they still need protection. This is where a commercial security guard comes in to protect the properties and staff of a business. You’ll find such guards at your dentist’s office, your lawyer’s office, and any other general business area. They not only protect life and property, but also monitor the area for unauthorized access, entry, and exit.

Retail Security Guard 

Common at shopping malls and crowded places where people go shopping or just hanging out. They share similar duties with commercial security guards, with the difference being that retail security guards focus on preventing theft. That is theft of the business stock and goods on display for sale. Just by having one on your business premises, it could dissuade intending shoplifters and save you business losses.

Armed Security Guards 

Not all security guards carry or are allowed to carry weapons. If your security needs require an armed security guard, then it is important to ensure you contract one allowed to be armed. Armed security is advisable for areas with high violence probability. These types of security guards are usually trained on how to disarm and also protect using arms.

Are you considering a career as a security guard or you’re a business owner looking to hire a security guard? We can help you with securing your cherished lives and properties.

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