Top Signs Your Company Needs to Hire a Security Guard

Many companies benefit from hiring professional security guards. Whether you want to protect your corporate headquarters, ensure your retail environment is safe, or protect key personnel, hiring a guard with a 40 hour guard card can provide the protection that your company needs. Signs You Should Hire a Professional With a 40 Hour Guard Card  While many businesses benefit from hiring private security, there are a few situations where having a security professional on site is especially important. Some of the key signs that your company may benefit from hiring a security guard with a 40 hour guard card include:
  • robbery or attempted robbery on your premises. If you have been threatened by criminals or had money or property stolen, this means there is a lapse in your security. Hiring a qualified security guard could help to protect your business in the future.
  • High crime rates in your area. If there is a lot of violent crime or property crime around where your business is located, it may make sense for you to hire security. You could become liable if visitors are injured by acts of violence if you haven’t taken reasonable precautions. The higher the crime rate, the greater your security obligations as a business owner.
  • A high risk of theft or violent crime. Retail stores and other businesses where there are valuable items that could be stolen may be especially vulnerable to theft.  Hiring security can help you to prevent losses.
These are just a few of the situations that could suggest your business would benefit from hiring a professional with a 40 hour guard card. Consider your specific security risks to decide if hiring a security professional makes sense for you.

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