The demand for security services did not get so popular until 2018. Recent data has proven that the surge hit its all-time high after the pandemic in 2020. Not only that, but the pandemic also expanded the job horizons, several industries began to demand guards who are specially trained in their industries thereby expanding the roles for security guards opened in the United States. 

So, either you are a security firm looking to get to the top of your game in the industry or you are a guard looking to specialize in the top skills in demand in your industry. Here are the top security jobs in high demand in the United States.

Specialized Guards

In the United States, industries are now demanding guards who are specialized in security services that relate to their industries. For Instance, marine industries require guards who are highly trained to deal with underwater security. Things go wrong while on and underwater, special guards are trained to deal with security emergencies. The same goes for construction industries, factories, aviation, etc.

Personalized Guards/Dignitary Escorts

Daily the American dream gets actualized, people transition from low to high, some have been on high status. Daily, people of high calibers and status demand highly trained personal bodyguards. The requirement here is to present yourself or your guards as trustworthy and highly trained.

Investigative Services

The increasing crime rate in the United States is making the people gradually lose full trust in the police department handling their cases. Private investigators have proven to be efficient in helping the departments to solve cases faster. The general talk is the police department is getting too many cases daily, not much time might be spent on cases. Hence, Americans are looking for private investigators to work on their cases. 

Armored Car Services

Increasingly, Americans and corporate American organizations daily move treasury, valuable properties, and assets from one point to the other. Security firms who render this service are definitely hot cakes in the industry. 

Surveillance, Alarm Monitoring, and Counter Surveillance

The demand for this has not changed, it has always been there. The rise and growth of new industries make the demand for guards increase on a daily basis.