Top Mistakes When Hiring Security Guards

If your company is hiring a security guard, you need to make sure the guard has a 40 hour guard card and has undergone all appropriate training and certification processes. Your company needs to be smart about hiring someone to handle security, but unfortunately it can be complicated to know exactly what the right steps are to find a qualified candidate. Too many businesses end up unhappy with the guards they’ve hired to protect them, but this doesn’t have to happen to your company. You can avoid some common mistakes when hiring security guards including:
  • Not understanding security guard credentialing requirements: There are lots of misconceptions among people who hire security guards for the first time. You need to know exactly what types of training and certification are required of security guards so you can find someone with authority to work as a guard in California and with the particular skill set that you need.
  • Failing to define the role that the security guard will play. While you may know you need security personnel, you also need to think about exactly what their job will be. Do you want a commanding presence that comes from having armed security? Are you looking for a guard that is skilled in crowd control? Do you want someone who knows first-aid. Define what you are looking for and then find a security guard who has the right training.
  • Paying too little attention to the skills and abilities of potential hires.  There are different kinds of skills that security guards can learn. Pay attention to where potential hires have chosen to focus their attention in order to find a guard who will be the right fit for your company.
By hiring a security guard with a 40 hour guard card, you can ensure the security professional you hire has the training and experience necessary to keep your company safe and do the job in a way that your business can be proud of.    

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