Top 4 Benefits of Working as a Security Guards

For professionals with a guard card who are registered in California with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), there are ample opportunities to find security work throughout the state of California. Obtaining  your guard card and becoming registered is as simple as completing an eight hour online course, paying an application fee, completing a criminal background check, and completing a Power to Arrest course. Becoming a credentialed security guard is a smart choice for a lot of reasons.  Four of the major benefits to working as a security guard include:
  • Flexible options for scheduling: Security is often needed round-the-clock. This means you can find a work opportunity that fits the shift you hope to work. Whether you would rather be employed during the day, during evening hours, or overnight, you should be able to apply for positions that accommodate you.
  • Work opportunities across all industries. Security guards are needed in retail environments, corporate environments, at concerts and special events, for private individuals, and in a host of other industries. With security needed in so many different sectors, you have ample job options and you can focus your employment goals on doing the type of work you most enjoy.
  • Meaningful work: Security guards help to keep people and property safe. When you work in this field, you can see the tangible benefits of your effort and can be confident and proud of a job well done.
  • Competitive pay and benefits: With a high demand for qualified security guards in many different industries, it is often possible to find jobs with good pay and with good benefits. You can have a lucrative career doing interesting and rewarding work when you decide to become a security guard.
If you are ready to break into this field, find out more about guard card courses and online training options from today.

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