Tips to Move Up on the Ladder as a Security Guard

If you are looking to move up the ladder in the security field, you may wish to go beyond taking the minimum guard card courses. Everyone who becomes a licensed security guard has to take 40 hours of initial coursework and has to take eight hours of continuing education each year. To set yourself apart, you may want to consider undergoing more than the minimum in training and education. Tips to Find Exciting New Opportunities as a Security Guard Not every security job is equal; some pay much better or offer much better job perks than others. You can move up the ladder to better positions in the field of security, just like you can in any other profession. However, if you want to advance your career, you should think about getting more training than just the minimum guard card courses. Employers who are hiring guards may be looking for people with additional permits and certifications, so you can stand out from other applicants if you have these qualifications. For example, you may decide you want to take the necessary courses to be able to work in armed security. If you do, this can open up new doors for you for better paying security positions. The more education and training you have, especially beyond the initial required guard card courses, the more impressive your resume will be and the more likely it is that you can find the best jobs. Look into your different options for advanced training today to get started on the process of building a successful career in the security industry.

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