Tips for Writing a Security Guard Resume

Most times, an employer’s first point of contact with a prospective security guard is the resume. This is your chance to impress, otherwise, even if you are well qualified, you may lose the opportunity to get hired if your resume does not portray your qualifications and capabilities excellently. This is why we have put together these tips for writing a security guard resume.

Concise Summary

This is usually at the top, right under your name and contact details. Briefly describe your qualifications and capabilities that portray why you are the best fit for the security guard position. Description here does not mean more words, rather fewer words that powerfully convey your key points.

Complete Contact Details

Prospective employers need a way to contact you, either for feedback or to schedule an interview. Since you might not know their preferred option, the more options you provide, the better. It could be email, phone number, skype ID, etc.

Certifications and Training

If you are putting together a resume, you most likely have gotten your security guard card after the mandatory training. This section of your resume is where you list all training and certification, especially those directly related to the type of security guard position you are applying for. CPR, first aid, communications, armed and unarmed combat, are just a few of certifications and training you can list here. If you have none of this, check our course catalog on My Security Training and take any of the courses online, at your convenience.


A long list of certifications and training might be detrimental if not balanced with actual real-world or on-field experience. If you are a new security guard, you can volunteer for some hours to gain much-needed experience. Remember to list experience related to the security guard position. A prospective employer might be on the lookout for someone with experience in residential or office, or foot and car patrols, or CCTV monitoring.

Review By An Expert

Better to err on the side of caution. It is a smart choice to allow an expert to review your resume. They will help check for things you might have missed or should have missed, including proofreading for grammatical and typographical errors. You can contact us at My Security Training and we will review your resume.

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