Tips for Finding and Hiring Quality and Trustworthy Security Guards

Assigning the task of securing lives and property to trained security guards requires trust in them. After all, no one asks a wolf to guard a sheep. Below are our top tips for finding and hiring quality and trustworthy security guards. 

1. Know what your security needs are. This helps in finding security guards trained in areas matching your security needs. Training needed by a university security guard will be different from the training needed by a kindergarten school security guard or a bar security guard. In addition, knowing your security needs helps in determining if you need a full-time or part-time security guard. Perhaps, you only need a security guard during weekdays to patrol the parking lot? 

2. Most security guards go through security companies to get jobs. There are a few independent ones. After deciding on your security needs, begin interviewing security companies with experience in the kind of security services you need. A bodyguard security guard is different from a warehouse security guard or an event security guard. Go for a locally owned security company, rather than a national security company, which must be insured. Of course, don’t forget to check out their reputation. These days, you can easily find out online.

3. Verify the license and qualification of each security guard assigned to you or your business. Not just the guards themselves, but the security company itself too. Usually, the State’s relevant authorities maintain a list of licensed security guards and security companies. 

4. Compare quotes submitted by the different security companies or individual security guards interviewed. Remember that quotes are dependent on factors like scope of services offered, advanced level of equipment and arms of the guards, expertise and kitting.

Finding the right security guards and security company for you and your business depends on several factors. Ultimately, you should go for the one that closely meets your needs and your budget.

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