The Main Responsibilities of Private Security Guards

What exactly do private security guards do? Whether you are a business looking to hire security guards or an individual looking to take up a career as a security guard, we proceed to give you answers to this question. The short answer is that private security guards protect lives and properties from harm, theft or threats.

The long answer is that private security guards achieve their ultimate aim of securing lives and properties by doing the following:

1. Monitoring traffic in and out of the premises they have been assigned.

2. Patrolling parking lots to spot for suspicious activities.

3. Monitoring doors and other access points on the premises.

4. Monitoring closed-circuit security feeds to spot potential threats and suspicious activities.

5. Verifying entry and exit access of individuals by questioning them.

6. Granting entry access to authorized individuals.

7. Denying entry access to unauthorized individuals.

8. Alerting the police where a crime is about to be committed or has been committed.

9. Alerting the police in the event of civil unrest.

10. Providing basic first aid for someone who gets hurt or is in a medical crisis on the premises.

11. Calling for an ambulance for someone who gets hurt or is in a medical crisis on the premises.

12. Responding to a security situation, either in the offensive or defensive.

The above-listed activities vary from individual to individual and business to business. Private security guards should not be confused with police officers who are authorized agents of the State, able to arrest and detain. However, private security officers can temporarily detain in the course of carrying out their duties, pending the arrival of a police officer or other law enforcement agent. Check out our online courses that offer training on the above duties.

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