Should I Become a Private Patrol Operator?

When you think about undergoing security guard training so you can find work within the security industry, there are different things to consider. One big issue is what type of security work you want to do. You could go work for an employer and provide security services, and you would have your choice of working in a corporate environment, school, retail environment, or many other types of industries. Another option, however, is to become a private patrol operator (PPO). Should You Take Security Guard Training to Become a PPO? A private patrol operator is a person who works in the field of security, but who operates a business rather than working for someone else. A PPO runs a business that is designed specifically for the protection of people, the protection of property, and/or the prevention of theft. If you think you may want to become a private patrol operator, there are a few key things to consider:
  • Are you willing and able to undergo additional security guard training so you can pass an exam? A private patrol operator has to take a licensing exam which consists of two hours of multiple choice questions. The exam covers the Private Securities Act, various other regulations, business knowledge, and security functions, among other things. You’ll have to pass the exam to become a PPO.
  • Do you have a good head for business? A private patrol operator not only has the responsibility of providing security services, but also must deal with the legal aspects of running a company on his or her own.
Security guard training can help you to prepare for the PPO licensing exam, so explore your options for online training courses today so you are ready to embrace this career opportunity.

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