Questions to Ask When Hiring a Security Guard

If you or your company is interested in hiring a qualified security guard, you need to make sure the person you hire has the right credentials and is capable of fulfilling his important role. Some of the key questions to ask when hiring a security guard include:
  • Have you completed the required security guard training? In addition to obtaining a guard card after completing an initial eight hour course, security guards must also complete an additional 32 hours of training within six months of getting the guard card or within six months of obtaining employment. The first 16 hours of the additional 32 have to be completed within 30 days. It may be best for you to hire a security guard who has already completed all of this security guard training so he or she is ready to hit the ground running.
  • Are you registered with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services in California? BSIS imposes requirements for registration to ensure guards have completed required training and passed background checks. Hiring only registered guards protects you from ending up with a security employee who you cannot fully trust.
  • Have you completed a criminal background check? Security guards are put in a position of tremendous responsibility. You want to make sure the guard you hire has completed a criminal background check and does not have any history of past convictions.
  • Do you have security experience? Hiring a guard with no practical experience isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially since the guard will have learned much of what he needs to know in security guard training. Still, you may wish to ensure that you hire someone who has worked security in the past if you don’t want your new hire to have a learning curve.
By making sure anyone who you hire has undergone the required security guard training and is registered with the state, you can ensure only a qualified person is vested with the responsibility of guarding people or property.  Security guard training gives guards the essential skills they need to meet your expectations and do the job right.

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