Public Relations Duties for Security Guards

Untitled When thinking about the phrase “public relations,” you might imagine an entertainment agency where people write press releases about upcoming films or apology statements on behalf of drunken celebrities. And while technically that may be perfectly accurate, public relations skills are also needed when working as a security guard. Although security guard positions can vary greatly from one employer to another, there are three specific job duties under the public relations umbrella that most companies will require you to demonstrate: 1. Maintaining the Company Image Whether guarding the door of small specialty boutiques or checking in guests at large business buildings, security guards are often the first company employee people see when they enter a commercial establishment, thus making them the face of the brand. Therefore, how security guards communicate and interact with the general public can hugely influence consumers’ attitudes toward that particular brand. In a sense, you become a brand ambassador when you sign on to become a security guard, and since image is everything these days, it’s also your job to protect the company image as well as actual people and physical property. 2. Listening Actively As effective as verbal communication is, there are also a few non-verbal ways to communicate to someone that you’re indeed listening to them, and that what they’re saying to you is interesting and important. Making eye contact is a great way to express interest, and an occasional nod shows that you care about the concerns being described. Having distressed customers feel like you’re on their side through active listening is a great way to help calm them down before involving other employees to assist in resolving the situation. 3. Displaying Empathy Empathy will help you better understand where other people are coming from or how they’re feeling. But be careful not to confuse empathy with sympathy, because it’s one thing to acknowledge how others feel, and another to let your emotions control or influence your actions. Regardless of the dramatic theatrics involved, it’s important to make positive and professional decisions. Remember that it’s okay to apologize for the situation if you think it will help replace anger with relief, but don’t apologize for doing your job as a security guard if you’re truly following your employer’s designated protocols. These three skills will come in handy more often than you may realize, so receiving the proper education training in public relations is especially useful, beneficial, and necessary for those who wish to work in the security field. Taking public relations courses will help prepare you for possible scenarios that may suddenly arise while on the job, and it’s best to have a plan of action beforehand, rather than simply reacting to various incidents with panic and fear. Ready to enroll in a public relations course? Click here to learn more about our public relations training courses.  

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