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Public Relations (Community & Customer) - Multistate (Refresher)


The 4-hour Public Relations course will instruct you on how to interact with the public in an effective and professional manner as a representative of your employer and client.  This is a necessary skill to develop your career.

This quality and affordable refresher course builds your knowledge and skills in order to stay compliant.


Security officers interact with the public as they perform their daily duties and activities, and in doing so, become representatives of their employers and their client. Security officers must be sure to interact with the public professionally, effectively, and appropriately, and represent their employers to the best of their abilities.

In the security profession, public relations is the way in which a security officer acts and interacts with the public and others while performing his or her duties.

This refresher course seeks to help security officers understand the importance of public relations and help them gain the necessary skills to be effective and efficient security officers when dealing with the public.

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