Mandatory Training Requirements for a Guard Card

There are certain mandatory training requirements you have to comply with in order to obtain a guard card. You must have a guard card to be a licensed, registered security guard within the state of California. As a result, it is important to understand what training you need and to make smart choices about where you can get that security guard training. Mandatory Training Requirements for a Guard Card To obtain a guard card, mandatory training requirements include:
  • Completion of a four hour Power to Arrest course. This is part of the first eight hours of training you need to undergo to begin the process of getting a guard card and working security.
  • Completion of a four hour Weapons of Mass Destruction or Terrorism course. This is also part of your initial required eight hours of training needed for a guard card. This training has to last for four hours.
  • Completion of 16 hours of additional required training. This training has to be completed within 30 days. The required training classes include four hour courses on public relations; communications and the significance of communication; observation and documentation; and legal liability or the legal aspects of working in the security field.
In addition to completing these particular course, you also have to do another 16 hours of elective training within the course of six months. If you do not complete all of the required training and all of the elective training with the deadline, your guard card- and your whole career future could be at risk. Contact My Security Training today to get signed up for your required training courses, including elective classes.

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