Learning to Preserve the Incident Scene in Guard Card Training

As a security guard with a guard card, you are likely to encounter some situations in your career where a criminal act may have been committed. If and when you are working as a security guard when the law is broken, you need to understand how to preserve the incident scene. Fortunately, you can complete a course as a part of your guard card training which will give you the knowledge and insight necessary to effectively preserve a crime scene. Guard Card Training: Learning to Preserve the Scene In addition to 24 hours of mandatory training courses, licensed security guards in California also have to take an additional 16 hours of elective courses within six months. One of your options for an elective course focuses on Preserving the Incident Scene. This course is a valuable one to take because it will provide you with key details about your role in crime scene investigation. You will learn skills like how to properly handle sensitive evidence. You will also discover how to follow protocols for crime scene investigation to avoid errors that could lead to criminals walking free. Reporting crime scene procedures is also covered in the four hour elective course. My Security Training offers this four hour elective course for those who want to complete their guard card training requirements while gaining valuable knowledge about their responsibilities for dealing with crime scenes. To sign up for this course or to learn about other options for elective courses you can take as part of your guard card training, visit My Security Training.com.

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