Is Working as a School Security Guard the Right Choice for You?

If you wish to work in the security field, you will have lots of different options for where to work. Security guards have a choice of work environments since companies across different sectors require security personnel. One option you have is to work as a school security guard in a K-12 school or in a college.  If you want to work in school security, you will need to make sure you have the right qualifications and that you undergo required school security guard training. Should You Get School Security Guard Training? If you are considering working as a security guard, and you want to decide if working in a school is right for you, consider these questions:
  • Have you undergone school security guard training or do you wish to? In 1998, SB 1626 passed in California to require all school security guards to complete training requirements developed by Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).  After SB 1626 passed, training requirements went into effect in July of 2011. All guards who work more than 20 hours at a K-12 school or at a California community college have to complete required school security guard training.
  • Are you comfortable being around children? School security guards will be working in an environment with many children present. You need to be comfortable around kids to help ensure children remain calm and not worried in your presence. If you like kids, you will also enjoy your job more as a school security guard.
If you are thinking about becoming a security guard in a K-12 school or a community college, look into online options for school security guard training so you can make it easier to complete your mandated courses.

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