Is There Room for Advancement as a Security Guard?

When you have completed your guard card online training and are working as a security guard, you’ll likely be doing interesting work and making a good living.  California has the highest number of security guard jobs of any state, and Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that between 2014 and 2024 there will be five percent growth in demand for security guards. The rising demand for security personnel is on pace with rising demand across all sectors. While there are plenty of great jobs available for qualified registered security professionals, you may be wondering if you will have any opportunities for advancement once you’ve begun to work in security. The good news is, there are plenty of opportunities for promotion for qualified guards who have completed guard card online training. There is Room for Advancement as a Security Guard When you first start as a security guard, you may go to work for smaller companies or may end up working less desirable shifts until you pay your dues and build up your resume. As you get more experience, however, you’ll usually have your pick of different industries since security guards are needed across many different types of companies and organizations. There is also room for advancement as a security guard not just if you switch to different companies, but also within the company you work for. Many people start out as a security guard and end up becoming head of security or managing other security personnel. Finally, when you get experience working as a security guard, you could eventually decide to start your own security business.  It all starts with getting your guard card online, so look into your options today to become a qualified registered security guard.

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