Is Guard Card Online Training Valid to Get a Security Job?

Guard card online training is available for people throughout California who want to become a licensed security guard. Online training courses should be valid and should be sufficient to satisfy training requirements set forth by Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. You just need to make certain that the training courses you complete are offered through an approved BSIS Training Facility. Is a Guard Card Online Training Valid? There are a total of 40 hours of training required for licensed security guards in the state of California. Initially, you have to complete two courses which span four hours each. The first of those courses is Power to Arrest, and the second is Weapons of Mass Destruction. The courses which you take have to follow the recommended curriculum required by the state of California. You can complete guard card online training as long as you make certain that the courses teach what is required under California law. You should check to ensure that the online website where you get your training is approved by Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. You should ask the company who is offering the training, and you can check with BSIS if you are not certain about whether the training provider is approved or not. You do not want to waste your time taking guard card online training only to find out that the training site was not an authorized one and that your courses do not count. To find guard card online training courses that are approved, you can also sign up for training courses of a training package at My Security Training. We are fully approved by BSIS and meet BSIS requirements, including requirements necessary to serve as both a training facility for baton and a training facility for firearm (TFB# 1306, TFF# 1482). Contact us today to find out more.  

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