If I Move, Do I Need a Guard Card to be a California Security Guard?

If you move into the state of California and you want to work as a security guard, you will need to obtain a local guard card if you do not already have one. California has very strict requirements for training and you need to explore exactly what steps you must take before you can begin to work as a security guard in the state. Getting a Guard Card After Moving to California If you move within the state of California and you are a licensed security guard, you need to let BSIS know of your new address. You have to provide notice to BSIS within 30 days of the time when your address has changed. When you provide notice of the move, you should include your name, your old address, and the new address where you have moved to. You also must include your security guard registration number; your date of birth; and your social security number. The notification which you provide of your move has to be in writing. Your guard card which you already obtained in California will not be affected by the move and you can continue to work within California. However, if you are coming from out of state and you do not already have a California guard card, you cannot just begin to work as a security guard- even if you were a guard in your old home state. You need to become licensed within California and follow the process from BSIS for doing so, including submitting an application and undergoing required training.  Get started as soon as possible on getting your guard card after a move so you can get to work in security in California.

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