How to Find Government Security Guard Jobs

As you start the process of becoming a security guard, beginning with your 8 hour guard card training, you likely will begin to consider where you want to work when the training process is complete. You have lots of options, since security guards are needed in many different environments. However, many people decide they would prefer to find a government job if it is possible for them to do so. Government jobs can have many benefits, including generous benefits.  They can also be challenging to find and get hired for. You’ll need your guard card and the right credentials before you can even be considered, but once you are working on earning your credentials, it is time to start the job hunt. How to Find Government Security Jobs If you are interested in government security jobs:
  • Make a list of state and federal agencies in your area who may be hiring.
  • Visit their website and obtain information about the type of training and credentials you need. For example, you may require a security clearance for some jobs, but not for others.
  • Polish up your resume. In addition to completing your basic guard training, you should look into elective courses and additional training which will make you a more competitive candidate.
  • Apply for open positions that match your specific qualifications.
Your generally should start the job hunt process early on once you begin working towards your 8 hour guard card, because you can start working after your initial training obligations have been completed.  Begin your research today to find a great job that you will love.

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