How to Conduct a Security Analysis as a Security Guard

Is it your first day on the job or your first time with a new employer? Whichever the case, taking stock of the security situation is the first thing you should do. The primary role of a security guard is to keep life and property safe. This could include residential premises, public places, business premises, employees, customers, and facilities. Let’s check out how to conduct a security analysis as a security guard.

A security analysis is just a section in an overall risk assessment and is expected to be a comprehensive analysis of the premises, personnel, properties, utilities, and procedures. The following are the three core areas of focus:

  1. Taking stock of the current security status quo, that is, the security system currently in place. For example, the number of guards already on duty, the presence of CCTV, etc.
  2. Spotting gaps in the current security status quo, that is, the weakness of the security system already in place. For example, not enough security guards for the number of doors or entry points.
  3. Recommendations on how the security gap can be filled. For example, hiring more guards, so there is an equal ratio between the number of doors or entry points and the number of security guards manning them.

Usually, the security analysis is done using a survey template with questions like what material are the doors made of, or how many doors and entry points are there? One of our courses will show you in detail how to conduct a security analysis and a free template to use. Results from the survey will then be analyzed and a security program developed based on it. Each security situation is unique and analysis should be done regularly.

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