Career advancement means a lot to different people. To some, it is to switch to a more advanced security career path, to others, it is to get promoted to better positions at their place of work. To several others, it might be to switch to a better organization. No matter what career advancement might mean to you right now, here are the ways you can pursue it;

Security Background

Generally, guards who have a background in the military or law enforcement agencies have higher chances of getting speedy security career advancement, depending on how much effort they put into work. This is because ex-servicemen have been in higher and formal workspaces. Their wealth of training and experience while in service positions them as the most capable hands to take care of guard duties from leading and management positions.

Degrees and Professional Certifications 

Although the basic educational requirement for a security role is a High School diploma, the place of higher degrees and updated professional certifications in advancing one’s career as a security guard cannot be ignored. A degree even at entry-level will make you a preferred candidate for managerial roles in the security unit. So, to advance, you need to earn a degree, if you do not have any. If you already have, you need to earn more. 


Armed guards are mandated to go through formal training from time to time. As unarmed guards, much formal training might not be required but it is no doubt that there are several informal training you can always hook yourself with. Not only will these training add to your portfolio but will also improve your skill, physical and mental strength and you know how big this improvement will be on your career profile.

The Right Team

In achieving career success as a guard, working for the right company and also having the right team members is more crucial than you can imagine. A bad team means bad career profiling. If you feel the team you work with is not helping, you can always ask for a change. Make sure you are working for the right company.